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Cumberland Beach, Island

Clearwater Beach, Florida
Cumberland Island has a reputation of being one of America's most pristine seaside regions. The island has white untouched beaches and pure sand dunes home to wild horses and logger head turtles. A nature's paradise it has three ecosystems with beaches, marshes and forests with unique varieties of animals and plants.

You can visit the island only through ferry or kayak and only 300 visitors which are allowed any time. There is just one small inn with no water sports activities. The beach does not have any playground or activities for families but you can frolic on the vast expanse of soft sand. Be careful while swimming as no life-guards are available.

Hiking through the island's wilderness can be exciting for the adventure lovers. You are advised to make reservations as early as six months advance to avoid disappointment.

The forests boasts of towering oaks covered with Spanish moss habitat for armadillos, deer, hogs, rabbits, turkeys, raccoons and horses. Marshes and estuaries are full of fish, ducks and crabs. Island's history is equally exciting. It was home of seven Native American tribes settled by both Spanish and English explorers. The famous Carnegie family bought the island in 1880s.You can find the ruins of their magnificent mansions sprinkled over the place.

You can reach the island via the Cumberland Queen Ferry, which departs daily from St. Mary's docks. The best time to visit is from March through November. If you are looking for memorable experience than the virgin beaches of Cumberland Island are just right for you.