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East Hampton Beach

East Hampton Beach

This is one of the fabulous beaches of New York with broad stretches of white sand and roaring waves lapping the shore. It is most preferred destination of tourists from all over the globe. Scenic beauty coupled with serene ambience makes it popular with many celebrities who own glorious mansions here.

The picture perfect beauty with 18th century windmills, tall elm trees and colonial homes adds to the elegance of the place. Main beach with white sand and delightful little eateries serving lobsters rolls are a special attraction. You can go shopping, visit art galleries or just roam around under the majestic white pines.If you are lucky you can spot few relaxing celebrities.

It is a perfect summer getaway but still irresistible even in winter and fall. Soak in the serenity of the place. Enjoy swimming in pristine waters. The children should stay away from the shallow waters as there can be strong current. This exceptionally well-maintained beach gets crowded during the season.

New Hampton offers all types of accommodations but you will get more luxury resorts and hotels at the upper end level. The best time to visit is from February to October for plenty of sunshine and cool breeze.