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Shi Shi Beach

Shi Shi Beach

Shi Shi Beach is part of Olympic National Park considered to be the Northwest's purest stretch of coastline. One of the most gorgeous of the world beaches, Shi Shi Beach Washington, is one of the most difficult to reach beaches. The 2-mile long, crescent-shaped beach's remote location has left it to revel in its own quiet wilderness.

Hikers traversing the coastal and headland trails leading to Shi Shi are rewarded with a magnificent and unspoilt beach and coastline. You can start on a trail from Ozette in the park. It is 13 miles full of slippery and muddy terrain where you should use the rope and sand ladders constructed by the park officials. There is an alternative route also where the trail passes through 2-mile long Makah Indian Reservation.

Exploring the difficult terrain is loved by the adventure lovers who come from all parts of the globe. You can take a dip in the waters but be careful about frequent riptides. Shi Shi beach, Wahington, has clean, pure sand with scenic landscape full of rugged wilderness. See wildlife in its natural surroundings. Explore the wilderness at Olympic National Park as other activities are not located in the vicinity of the beach. It is not a family friendly beach so if you have the spirit for adventure then Shi Shi is the place for you.

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