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Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach is located in Port Douglas which is a town in far North Queensland about 70 km from Cairns. When you reach the four mile beach you see it unfold in a gentle curve that continues as far as the eye can see. And you won't notice a trace of development. Its beauty is fully preserved and you can walk all the way by the shore with waters gently touching your feet. The sea of 4 Mile Beach is turquoise, the sun is warm, the palm trees sway, and the low-rise developments hidden so far away, you will only get the feeling that your miles away from civilization. The four mile beach is truly a paradise.

For tourists, it is a pleasure to spend days swimming, sunbathing, dozing under the palms, enjoying a magical sunset, or joining locals for a little get together and discover their life styles and cultures. You can also go for a stroll among the village shops and collect souveniers and get a look at some of the historic buildings or the seaside Sunday market. Accommodation comprises of various apartments that have been to various specfications to cater to all kinds of budgets. There are also lots of restaurants that serve various cuisines along with many local delicacies as well.

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