Beaches in India

Beaches in India

India's 6000 km long coastline has some of the exquisite beaches with beautiful surroundings inviting tourists from all over the world. These have emerged as preferred destination for many for their uniqueness and the numerous activities they offer. Most of the beaches offer best facilities and relaxed ambience to create right mood for the holiday makers. Goa has a bounty of fine beaches replete with tourist facilities and swaying palms. The beach capital of India has enchanting beaches like Anjuna beach and Calangute beach. These are perfect for laze around with calm waters of Arabian Sea caressing the shores. Anjuna Beach is famous for its trance and rave parties while Calangute has finest water sports facilities like surfing, snorkeling, jet-skiing, boogie boarding, scuba diving, water-skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, and deep sea fishing. The beautiful white sand Palolem Beach with its pristine beauty is still untouched from the hustle bustle of the tourist activities. If you are looking for quieter places than there is tiny ex-Portuguese island of Diu on the southern coast of Gujarat or Kokarna in Karnataka in its pristine beauty. In South Mamallapuram in Tamil Nadu and Gopalpur-on-sea in Orissa, a small hamlet with white beaches, colonial ruins and quiet ambience are some of the finest beaches.

The white sand beaches in Andaman with turquoise water and sublime marine life are excellent for scuba diving and snorkeling and other underwater activities. They have still managed to retain their charm and provide a perfect gateway to nature lovers. And of course the gorgeous beaches of Lakshadweep with scenic beauty are enchanting. You can combine offering to Sun God at Konark with exotic beach experience at Puri. These are much quieter where devotion and merriment can be experienced together. The Kovalam beach in Kerala offers typical tropical landscape with boathouses, palm and coconut trees and majestical sun. For international tourists the pleasant beach climate with lot of sun can be really exciting. You are sure to find modern facilities with many luxury and economy resorts and five star hotels in the close vicinity of many beaches. Indian beaches offer fun and frolic for family or lone excursion. The hospitality of people is legendary adding to the mystical charm of India.

So if you are planning a vacation, think of the enchanting, fabulous golden beaches of India. However do keep in mind that as a foreigner you may need special permission to visit some of the beaches in India.

Listed below are some of the top beaches of India.

Nude Beaches in India

There are no Nude beaches in India. Infact Nudity in public places in India is not legal and you can be fined and punished for it by law. There maybe many websites that may claim that India has nude beaches hidden away in some remote corners but we recommend that you do not go fully nude on any beach in India. Limited nudity is accepted in many beaches in GOA and a few other places, but full nudity is better avoided. India has a long coastline dotted with lovely beaches and some of these are the best in the world and we recommend you soak in the beauty and the sun in miniscule swimsuits.