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Bora Cay Beach

Bora Cay Beach

Bora cay is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, attracting thousands of tourists every year. It is known to be the number one tourist spot in the Philippines. The beautiful island of Bora cay is located approximately 315 km to the south of Manila. Surrounded by coral reefs, Bora cay is famous for its beautiful beaches and was voted as the second best beach in the world in 2011. The word Bora cay is said to have come from the local word borac, meaning cotton, a reference to the sand's brightness and texture. Only a 35 minute flight away from Manila, Bora cay caters to a wide range of international travelers throughout the year.

The enchanting paradise of Boracay with its white sand beaches and crystal cool water provides endless possibilities for pleasure and adventure. There is a variety of leisure activities and sports ranging from scuba diving, sailing, hiking, wind surfing, fishing and golf with a world class 18 hole golf course. Bora cay is also one of Southeast Asia's most popular water sport avenues offering opportunities for kayaking and kite boarding.

Blessed with sapphire-blue water and predictable seasonal winds, Bora cay is also one of Southeast Asia's most popular water sport venues offering countless opportunities for kayaking, sailing, kite-boarding, and windsurfing.

Bora cay has more than 350 beach resorts ranging from five star to budget accommodation with a wide range of restaurants and spa retreats. Bora Cay Island attracts tourists with more than a dozen beaches. The most popular among Boracay beaches are the White beach, Puka beach and the Baling Hai beach.

White Beach is the most famous beach in Boracay with its lovely stretch of soft white sand against sapphire blue water. This beach is also called the Long Beach by locals as it is almost 4km long. The water is shallow and the sand is finer and brighter than most beaches. The long beach is also the commercial centre of the island with prime hotels and resorts. There are a lot of shopping and eating places all along the beach.

Puka Beach is quieter than White beach but just as beautiful. It is an ideal retreat for tourists and a good spot for a picnic. The beach has some lovely puka shells which are used to make local jewellery. There are a couple of restaurants on the beach to cater to tourists. The water is a bit rougher here, so travelers need to be careful.

Baling Hai Beach is a quiet spot which is perfect for relaxing. Tourists can indulge in swimming and snorkeling. The cliff top restaurant here offers breathtaking views of the island. Bora cay is also a great place for shopping with several high end stores for clothing and some local shopping for art and souvenirs.

So come and explore the beautiful island of Bora cay, the beach capital of the Philippines.