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La Concha Beach

La Concha Beach

San Sebastian of Northern Spain lies within the Basque Country just 21 km west of the French border. It is called the summer capital of Spain. San Sebastian's La Concha beach is one of the Spains most popular tourist places and is frequently visited.

La Concha Beach

With about 180,000 inhabitants the summers swell in population as many of the locals come down here to take a dip in the clean waters and escape the inland heat. The deep sparkling waters and the beach area lush with trees and old hills have drawn tourists and Sun lovers alike for generations. The tourists can also trek up these old hills and they will get a fascinating view of the beach and the country side from the top. A variety of water sports is also available in the beach.

People can go canoeing, kayaking, swimming and also sail boating. By evening the beach is richly lit with little white lights and you can see the statue of Jesus standing high above the city overlooking everything. You can then walk along the walkway with your partner after a sumptuous meal and then relax in a small park area just overlooking the beach.

You will feel so at home and love being a part of nature. Apart fro the beach you also have an amusement park close by which is truly a fun filled affair. Plus you also have churches and mosques near by where you can visit and know about the cultural heritage of the place. One of the best factors about San Sebastian is range of accommodations options. You have many budget hotels that offer you good value for money and make sure you take back with you some truly happy memories that you will cherish for a long time.

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