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Fernando de Noronha Beach - Brazil

FernandodeNoronha Beach

Discovered in 1503 by Portuguese this 7 mile long Remote Island offers exquisite experiences for a traveler seeking peaceful and relaxed time at beaches. The unspoiled and breathtaking beaches of Fernando De Noronha lying at the northeast coast of Brazil was declared as marine national park in 1988.Only 420 tourists are allowed on the beach at any time. If you are one among the lucky few then treat yourself to the spectacular natural beauty which lays within 21 islands a home to cascading waterfalls and natural swimming pools and white sand beaches. The water is full of exotic fishes, dolphins, lobsters, corals ideal for snorkeling and underwater diving. You can do surfing at Cacimba do Padre,Bode and Boldro considered as best surfing spots in the world. Porcos Bay has one of the most beautiful stretches of sand while Conceicao beach has long shores.If you are adventurous then dive into natural waters of Atalaia beach or Sancho Bay which is enclosed inside natural walls and you can go only by metal ladder hooked to the rock.

There are daily flights from Brazilian cities of Recife and Natal which takes approximately one hour and 15 minutes. You are also required to pay conservation tax (US $10) for each day you are on the island. There are dune-buggy taxi services with flat rate of US$ 4 which will take you to all the places. Be careful as the roads are rugged with high risk of accidents.

The best time to visit the island is from mid-December to February. The island has warm weather with rains in January to August. Explore, dive or surf at the archipelago beyond Fernando de Noronha by boat which leave daily from Port Santo Antonio.

There is no luxury or full service resorts since it is a remote island. There is just one hotel and about 70 pousadas or family run inns which provide three daily meals. The tourists are charged per person per night. Brazilian government has a rating system based on dolphins according to the requirements of tourists. It will help you if you know smattering of Portuguese but English is hardly spoken or understood here. You should also bring Reais the Brazilian currency to avoid any problems.

The island offers varieties of seafood .Try fish cooked in banana leaves with deep fried shark meat dumplings which are available in abundance at the island for other items are imported from mainland.