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Harbour Island - Bahamas

HarbourIsland Beach

Harbour Island's pink sand beach is alluring to any traveler. Basking under the glorious Caribbean sun it is located just a mile away from Eleuthera Island in the Bahama Islands. Known as 'Briland' to the locals it is only 3 miles long and half a mile wide it offers picture perfect locales to the visitors. Dunmore Town the local hub of Harbour Island was formerly capital of Bahamas and still retains the old world charm. The magnificent Georgian architecture with pastel colored buildings and neatly packed rows of houses doting with bougainvillea flowers can charm any one. The island beach offers relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy turquoise sea or stroll along the soft sand under swaying palm trees in gentle breeze. In the evening you can enjoy the quiet sunset with cocktails or discover small shops. The other activities which you can enjoy are snorkeling, diving, bone fishing or boating. Since the island is really small you can explore it with golf cart which can be hired for a day.

Harbour Island is not directly connected, so you have to take flight from United States to Nassau, Fort Lauderdale or Miami. Then take connecting flight to North Eleuthera airport. From here 10 minutes taxi ride will take you to the dock and from there on enjoy a 10 minutes water taxi to Harbour Island.

The best time to visit Harbour Island in Bahamas is from December to April but then you will get expensive hotel rates. You can enjoy the weather with mild temperatures. Avoid a trip to Harbour Island from May onwards if you don't want to be caught in frequent hurricanes. Most of the hotels and shops are closed around this period.

There are a total of 11 hotels including one bed and breakfast catering to both luxury and budget travelers. Most of the hotels are either located on the beach or in nearby areas on walking distance. The island offers local seafood that includes conch which is eaten as delicacy to the visitors. You can try small eating joints which offer local cuisine at reasonable rates.