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Oahu Beach - Honolulu

Oahu Beach

Famous for surfing Oahu's North Shore it gets best surfing professionals from all the world .Bonzai Pipeline is world renowned for its high waves for during winter months they can curl up to thirty feet high before hitting the shores. It is the time when surfing reaches its frenzy. It is opposite in summer times when the ocean presents such a tranquil picture that even those who really do not like to be inside the water cannot resist its charm. If you are tired of surfing than you can enjoy sunbathing and relaxing.Pupakea Beach Park is ideal for snorkeling and cave diving. You can take your kids for swimming at Waimea beach in summer when waters are calm. During December and April you can sight the humpback whales. For kids there are some exciting options in Waimea Falls Park which has cliff diving, hula performances and options to explore the jungle by bike, kayak or by foot. Sea Life Park has dolphins, whales, sea lions and penguins to thrill the young children. For adventurous lot there are slides at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. Fly to Honolulu International Airport which is on Oahu's south shore. To explore the island best idea would be to rent a car so that you do not miss out any detail. You can find buses and taxis easily available for travel purpose.

The most ideal time to visit Oahu is from October to April if you are a die-hard surfer. It is the time when you expect to find the crowds and booked hotel rooms.

Oahu has many options for visitors. Backpackers Vacation Inn and plantation village offers dormitory .The Keiki Beach bungalows also offer simple places for the night. There are luxury resorts like Turtle Bay with best facilities for families and travelers looking for style and comfort. It has amenities including spa, restaurants and fun centre for the children. For foodies there number of eating joints most prominent being Caf? Haleiwa which serves pancakes with pineapple sauce, fries and hot coffee. For lunch there is Kua Aina Sandwich offering burgers with cheese, bacon and pineapple, fish sandwiches with fries. For dinner try Hawaiian seafood delights.