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Tulum Beach - Cancun


A visit to white limestone sand Tulum Beach will be eye-treat for those looking to soak into crystal blue waters. There is an aura of mystery around the beach as ancient Mayan ruins tell their own story.Tulum is 80 miles southeast of Cancun part of Riviera Maya. Its southern part called Boca Paila is the only beach which can assure you of much needed privacy. Derived from Mayan word 'wall' Tulum has ruins overlooking the beach ,the most prominent being Castillo the castle .It was Mayan civilization's only walled city defending its frontiers from invaders from both sea and land. The tourists can experience the best beach in Mexico along with it explore and admire the architecture of the ancient Mayan civilization. The most interesting being Temple of the Descending God and Temple of the Frescoes presenting beautiful murals. Another interesting place to visit is 'cenotes' which are the freshwater pools located south of Tulum Pueblo. These were part of underground network of rivers which once provided fresh water to ancient Mayan people.

You can reach international airport at Cancun from there it is two hours journey to Tulum.Airconditioned shuttle service is available to Tulum.

The best time to visit Tulum is from December to April. The tropical climate ensures full sunshine and infrequent rains. But being in hurricane zone September and October gets maximum rainfall.

Tulum offers number of accommodations ranging from high-end hotels, smaller cabana hotels and campsites. Most of these hotels are located in Hotel Zone which is an area earmarked on the beach for hotel industry. The most popular are Azulik villas which have 15 private villas constructed from hardwood with unique features like tree trunk bathtubs, massages and waterfront views.