Thailand Beaches

Thailand Beaches

Thailand has some of the world's best beaches. Even after the disastrous Tsunami of Christmas 2004, which devastated lives and properties, the people have been able to get the country back on his feet and cleaned up everything.

Tourists are an important part of the country's economic stability and they have done everything they could to erase any traces of the incident. Visitors are coming from all around the world to experience Thailand's culture, try the atypical food in Chaing Mai, get a famous Thai massage in Bangkok and relax in a hotel in Phuket along the amazing bleu water and white sandy beaches. The Tsunami at the Christmas Season of 2004 devasted lives and property in much of Thailands beaches, but now when you visit these beaches of thailand you will barely notice any traces of the Tsunami.

Listed below are some of Thailand's Best Beaches, in other words, some of the top beaches of Thailand.

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