Philippines Beaches

Philippines Beaches

Tropical forests coupled with fabulous white coral sand beaches are the way you can describe Philippines.

Most of the beaches are owned by luxury resorts. It is considerable cheaper than other Asian countries where you will find all types of accommodation. That is why it is highly recommended to book your hotel ahead of time; booking a hotel in Boracay, Honda Bay and other beaches is easy to do online.

The best time to visit is from December to February which is cooler while March to May is hot and humid. You can see superb live coral in underwater marine life.

Book Extract - Island Roller-Coaster Ride

"After roaming the Cordillera mountains of the Philippines (Sagada, Bontoc, Mainit, Pulag), it is now our turn to hop to the islands. But, choosing to tour an island in the Philippines is itself a daunting task, due to unlimited and equally exciting options:
Boracay Island for parties.
Palawan for places of tourist interest.
And Mindoro Island for both.

Fun-filled watersports need no mention, be it any island in Philippines. We zero on Sabang beaches, located in Puerto Galera Province. (Puerto Galera is a municipality of Oriental Mindoro province (specifically of the Oriental Mindoro province, since there’s a difference between Occidental (west) Mindoro and Oriental (east) Mindoro) of Mindoro Island, and its neighbouring places.) We start at eight in the morning from Quezon Avenue, take a bus to Batangas port and reach Batangas by 11 in the morning, for a fare of 175 pesos. At Batangas, we take a ferry to Sabang. We pay 250 pesos for the fare and 50 pesos for the Environmental Protection Fund and another 30 pesos as terminal fee.

After an hour’s journey, the ferry reaches Sabang. The locales of Sabang resemble the sets of the James Bond movie, The Man with The Golden Gun (climax stunt scenes).Kids in Sabang greet expats with a friendly ‘Hello’ and dance to the tunes of party music!

Lodges in Sabang charge an average of 1,500 pesos per day and upwards. We take a long walk and reach Tuna Joe Backpackers at Sinandigan beach village in thirty minutes. It is easy to locate and practically every local can guide you to the place (in addition to signboards). Expecting meagre but reasonable accommodation for the price of 150 pesos per person for dormitory and 200 pesos per person for double rooms, we are in for a grand surprise. There are 4 laptops for the guests to use, 24 hour WiFi, swimming pool and a kitchen with essential utilities like refrigerator, gas and pots and pans.

The inn faces the sea (sideways) and on a clear day one can see the nearby mountains. The beach is rich in tropical fish, has several coral reefs and is one of the best spots for diving and snorkeling. The inn belongs to Ian Paterson (who passed away on 16th March 2012) and his wife Ma Elsee Paterson. The owners explain their mission of establishing this place as a home away from home and not just as a guesthouse. We enjoy their hospitality during the stay and can vouch that they fulfilled their mission."

Listed below are some of the top beaches of Philippines.