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Clifton - Cape Town, South Africa

Clifton Beach Cape Town, South Africa

For the world's beach loving travelers Clifton beachwear is basic; suntan lotion on heavenly bodies while the yachts shift gently in the shallows.

The granite boulders that act as beach dividers define the four white sand strips of Clifton, Camps Bay,Llandudno and Sandy Bay. The great Table Mountain towers over the glamorous Clifton Beach like a primordial life guard while four great sand coves protect the sun bathers from the nippy sea wind.

Go for scuba diving with the seals in the Justin Cave between Camps Bay and Llandudno.

Llandudno is 20 km south of Cape Town great for ocean front romance ;sunbathe all day followed by a picnic at dusk when the crescent of the bay becomes a light line of candlelight on the sand.

June to September is ideal for whale watching when they travel to Clifton to birth their calves. South from Llandudno is the nudist paradise of Sandy Bay. It is half-hour walk in the sand. Thin trails lead away from the main track for those who seek privacy; you can sit under the tall sand dunes which are equally hospitable.

There are many hotels in Cape Town but the more popular are Table bay Hotel and Mount Nelson Hotel.

Best time to visit is from June through September. You can go via Dubai- Cape Town.