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St Barts Beach, West Indies

St Barts Beach

Flying to St Barts presents spectacular view. The airstrip is ocean bound and frowned at by a hill.The flat small area of the landing strip is called Plaine de la Tourmente(Plain of Torment).Only 19 seaters can land here and their pilots need special licenses which have to be renewed each year. Another option is to take ferries that make the crossing from St.Maarten or hire a speedboat from there. They are expensive but they are available .And the beaches are more than worth it.

St Barts Island offer fine, pale sand with ocean swell kept away by a reef or by the shoreline itself. Drives down the mountain to Anse de Gouverneur past a stunning view of St.Kitts, Saba and St Eustatius.

All the beaches on French - owned island allow topless bathing. The Anse du Grand Colombier is another pristine seaside at the north-western tip.It is untouched by any manmade road. Walking is the only option. There are no restaurants or bars.

Finally this is R.L Stevenson territory; legends about hidden pirates treasure abound. Fly British Airways. There are many hotels like Le Toiny and Carl Gustaf.