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Andaman Beaches

Andaman Beaches

Andaman Islands has some of the best beaches with plenty of sunshine, cool soft sand and water sports activities like snorkeling, boat rides and deep sea diving. Deep sea coral reefs are simply magnificent. A visit to Corbyn's Cove 4 km east of the airport and 7 km south of Port Blair is must. Its long sandy stretches are excellent for swimming and lazing under the coconut trees. It is truly a divine experience! Catch a ride to the Snake Island to see beautiful coral reefs in a fishing boat or go to Chiriya Tapu a tiny fishing village with beautiful beaches and mangroves. Hire a boat to Cinque Island or go for snorkeling to a beach 2 km from Chiriya Tapu.Clinque Islands is rich in corals with unspoilt beaches. Havelock Island 54 km north east of Port Blair has white sand beaches, turquoise waters and good snorkeling. Stunning coral reefs with colorful marine life including dolphins, turtles and many fishes are simply irresistible.

From Wandur head for exotic and pristine islands of Grub, Red Skin and Jolly Buoy through mangrove creeks. You can observe the marine life and amazing corals. Hire glass bottom boats and snorkeling equipment or laze around on unspoilt beaches. These are only day excursion trips. Due to fragile nature of the ecosystem this area has been declared as Marine National Park encompassing total 15 major islands and several islets.

The Andaman Islands offer some excellent diving sites at Cinque Island, North Passage Island, Wandoor, Rutland Island and Snake Island. The greatest range of options is on Havelock Island where sites include Mac Point, Aquarium, Barracuda city, Turtle Bay, Seduction Point, Pilot Reef and Minerva Lodge. Snorkeling is very popular with the tourists. It is a very exciting option with the availability of snorkeling gear at hotels. Popular snorkeling places include Wandoor and Little Andaman as well as Red Skin, Cinque, Neil and Havelock Islands.

You can get accommodations ranging from resorts to budget hotels and guest houses. A visit to Andaman and Nicobar Islands need special permit from Government of India. The permit allows day trips to Jolly Buoy, South Cinque, Red Skin, Ross and some other islands. There are daily flights from Chennai to Port Blair. You can also go via boat as there are usually two to four sailings a month between Port Blair and Chennai or Kolkatta.

On the Islands you can get taxis and buses .You can even hire bicycles, motorcycles and scooters. There are ferries which sail between different Islands giving a panoramic view of the sea.

So irresistible charm of Andamans is something which is not to be missed!