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Cable Beach

Cable Beach

Broome is a tourist town in the Kimberly region of Western Australia at about 2,200 Km from Perth. Its distance from major Australian cities is a drawback but you can catch a quick flight from Perth. Road travel can be strenuous considering the distance from the closest city Perth.The Cable beach located about 6km from this town is one of its most popular tourist attractions and is also one of the best beaches in the world. The 22.5 km long coastline is sure to take your breath away with some eye popping visuals. With long stretches of white sand, waters of turquoise shades, palm fringed backdrops accompanied by camel treks during sunsets make it a never ending visual splendour.

Activities include parasailing, swimming and other water sports. How ever it would be wise to exercise a little bit of caution around November to March where that might be the possible presence of jellyfishes. With its long coastline its easy to find your own private space where you can relax and revel in the beauty of nature. The northern side of Cable Beach beyond the rock is a popular nude bathing area. There are some restaurants and resorts that offer very good accommodation and food. You can also hire Surfboards and other water equipment

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