Australia Beaches

Australia Beaches

A trip down under will end up being one of your most memorable trips. In this vast continent of Australia that is comprised of thousandths of kms of dry and bare landscapes there are also many interesting places that are surely bound to take your breath away. The coastal stretches of the country boast of some of the best beaches you can spot. In fact they are so beautiful and carefully preserved that many of the beaches in Australia count among the best in the world. The white sand, pristine water in varying shades of turquoise and the long coastlines that stretch for miles are all reasons enough for you to pack your bags and set upon a trip. Australia is a developed country with the thirteenth largest economy in the world. It has an area of 7,617,930 km and a population of 22,536,515.Australia's city capital is Canberra; Expedia's travel guide to Canberra hotels and nearby beaches make it easy for your next beach trip. The beaches in Australia have something in it for everyone.

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