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Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach is one of the top beaches in America. Its broad and sandy shores and numerous hotels have gained it the reputation of being the popular destination.

It is spread along a narrow, 3-mile stretch of the Pinellas Peninsula on the Gulf Coast. Clearwater Beach lies in between the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and tranquil Tampa Bay to the east. This unique location between the two water bodies and close proximity to Tampa offer visitors many delights.

It is family vacation spot with many fun-filled activities available on the beach. The wide soft white sands and calm tranquil blue waters are safe for swimming. You can do all sorts of water sports like surfing, snorkeling or swimming. Sunbathe on white sandy beaches or dive into a game of beach volleyball. Rent fishing boats or take a dolphin-watching cruise. Indulge in other water sports activities like parasailing and surfing. Explore the town museum or take your kids to aquarium. Watch dazzling sunset at Pier 60. Join nightly celebrations with street musicians and performers, as well as friendly locals.

The smooth and soft sand Clearwater beach is clean and has wonderful playground. A fabulous beach with lots of hotels and resorts in close vicinity makes it easier for the tourists to find accommodation. You can expect huge crowds during the season.