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Little Palm Island, Florida

Little Palm Island, Florida

The Little Palm Island is nestled between the Florida mainland and Key West. It is one of the best private resorts in the country, with splendid accommodations, great food and one of the best beaches in the entire stretch of the Keys. Private visitors are allowed and can avail the resort's facilities like water sports equipment, pool and beach .You can enjoy this great beach and explore the fabulous coral reefs. For wildlife lovers there are plenty of exotic animals .There is some other beaches also which are open to all the visitors.

Children under the age of 16 are not allowed at the resort on Little Palm Island. The tranquil cool water is perfect for swimming. Nearby coral reef are best for snorkeling. Powdery fine and white sand adds to the charm of the place. Little Palm Island offers a lovely beach vacation where you are sure to get total relaxation.

It is a unique place with laid back friendly attitude of the locals and relaxed ambience. The beaches are most crowded during the winter months which bring the driest season to the Lower Keys. The temperatures are mild, more comfortable than in the summers.

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