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Punalu'u Beach

Punalu'u Beach

One of nature's rarest wonders Punalu'u offers serene black sand beach. This truly magnificent stretch of black sand at the southern tip of the island has swaying coconut palms with cresting blue waves. The effect is truly breathtaking. You can simply laze around or picnic at the beach front.

According to the locals black color of the sand is as a result of molten lava from the active Mauna Loa and Kilauea volcanoes that spilled into the water .It cooled and while breaking up looked almost like sand. It is such a rare natural occurrence that it is advisable for the visitors not to take any of it away from the beach.

Punalu'u, an unusual word literally means "diving spring". It is derived from the bay's bubbling springs, which were once people's source of fresh water. It is home of two species of turtles which are on endangered list. These are green turtle and hawksbill turtle that crawls ashore to deposit their eggs at night. You can watch them swimming just near the beach.

Punalu'u beach is perfect for sunbathing, but swimming can be little dangerous in the absence of lifeguards and strong currents. For families with children there is nothing in term of activities on the beach though golf course and few hiking trails are available away from the beach.
Nonetheless the island's tropical weather and unique black sand make it an exotic destination.